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Information listing our location, along with road, rail & air travel suggestions for Le Somail can be found here

Flight Information 2020

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Departure Airport Arrival Airport Airline Flight Days Notes
Birmingham Perpignan Ryanair Tue,Sun
Bristol Béziers Ryanair Mon,Wed,Fri
Bristol Toulouse Easyjet Daily
Dublin Carcassonne Ryanair Tue,Thur,Sat
East Midlands Carcassonne Ryanair Tue,Sat
Edinburgh Béziers Ryanair Wed,Sun
Edinburgh Carcassonne Ryanair Tue,Sat
Edinburgh Toulouse Ryanair Mon,Fri
London Gatwick Montpellier Easyjet Daily From June
London Gatwick Toulouse Easyjet Daily
London Heathrow Toulouse British Airways Daily
London Stansted Béziers Ryanair Wed,Fri,Sun
London Stansted Carcassonne Ryanair Daily
London Stansted Perpignan Ryanair Tue,Wed,Thur,Sat,Sun
London Stansted Toulouse Ryanair Daily
Luton Béziers Ryanair Mon,Thur,Fri
Luton Montpellier Ryanair Tue,Thur,Sat
Luton Toulouse Easyjet Mon,Sun
Manchester Béziers Ryanair Tue,Sat
Manchester Carcassonne Ryanair Mon,Fri

Airport Distances & Transfer Costs

AirportDistance & Taxi Costs
PerpignanAirport is 76Km from Le Somail - Taxi approx. €180
CarcassonneAirport is 60Km from Le Somail - Taxi approx. €140
BéziersAirport is 60Km from Le Somail via Autoroute
Airport is 55Km from Le Somail via Capestang - Taxi approx. €130
ToulouseAirport is 150Km from Le Somail - Taxi approx. €360
MontpellierAirport is 115Km from Le Somail - Taxi approx. €260